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Letter from Dina, Egyptian Coptic 15 years, President Obama

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Egypt: Dina 15 years Obama calls usingSITA to the U.S.

Version en français:



Dina El-Gowhary, a young Egyptian convert to Christianity and aged 15 years, calls for help President Barack Hussein Obama in a letter.

In this handwritten letter in Arabic (see below), posted on various sites Copts, Dina complains of the mistreatment of religious minorities by the Egyptian government and calls on Barack Hussein to mediate.

« Mr. President Obama

We are a minority in Egypt. We are very badly treated. You said that the Muslim minority in America is treated well, so why are we not treated here the same way?  We are imprisoned in our own homes because Muslim clerics called for the murder of my father, and now the government also imprisons us, we are prisoners in (…)

More on 15 Year Old Egyptian Convert to Christianity Sends Plea to Obama

President Obama will never read the testimony of Dinah, the young Copt above , because he never comes on the site
This is unfortunate.

But you can submit this evidence to the White House NOW.
To do this simply use the method Amnesty International-SITA: a letter in a stamped envelope, mailed (see

Action SITA: print, poster

You can also call or write to the President. You will find the mailing address of the White House on page (in right column, paragraph « You can also call or write to the President »).

What  letter should you send?

But it’s very simple: the testimony in English + the original letter in Arabic. The testimony is in English on the page

To print, click on « PRINTER FRIENDLY » to have an easily printable version in a new window, then click on « PRINT ».  The testimony is printed on a page, except for the last two lines can be omitted. (If you prefer, you can print the « TEXT ONLY » or slightly reduce the scale when printing).

The original letter is in Arabic at
Print the reverse of testimony directly from your browser: file [> Print Preview …]> Print …

You can add a second sheet of information about the true nature of Islam to prove  President Obama is wrong to think Islam is a religion of  peace and tolerance. For example:

1 – a PDF-leaflet presenting Islam (in English, see All Islam in 2 pages:

2 – an other PDF-document, the first two pages of Chapter 12 (English edition) Book of 1923 by André Servier « Islam and the psychology of the Muslim (Islam and the Muslim psychology):

3-an other PDF-Australian leaflet in 2 pages: A picture is sometimes louder than words so you can possibly send drawings selected from those Bergola Steph.

Put everything in an envelope, write the address, stamp and mail.

It’s no more complicated than that of helping the young Dina’s plea to be heard by President Obama, and you can be 100% sure that your letter will reach the White House.


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