juin 2, 2009

Action by e-mail

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Action by e-mail in an almost random targetting of the inhabitants of a city to make them aware that their council officials prefer to hide the subsidies they make to Muslim associations for the building mosques by craftily referring to them as multi-purpose rooms or sale of land below the current market price, etc.

We used the following method to find emails of people in the town of Aulnay sous bois.

A Google search: aulnay “ gives us the email addresses of individuals or associations in the town of Aulnay sous bois using wanadoo as a messaging service. Try it also for other messaging services, such as(,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc.)

To preserve your anonymity when sending emails, use the following  anonymous messaging service: .

With you can send the same messages as you want (one per minute) as long as you take a little care to avoid a bug in the messaging service: in the case of successive identical messages it is necessary to add the email address of the recipient at the beginning of your message, without spaces neither before nor after, otherwise the first message will be sent … but none of the following!

Here is an example of a message that summarizes the situation, it gives the link to the SITA action and invites the recipient to also spread the information either by using the « forward » messaging with loss of his anonymity (for  those whom he trusts), or by following the instructions given at this page keep on being  anonymous by using / anonemail.html to create a snowball effect. « 

Post subject: Carrefour Aulnay accomplice of an anti-Israeli commando

Message: smith@gmail.comSee the summary of the case and the SITA action as a response to this page:

This message is sent by the anonymous messaging service:

Spread this message  either by using the « forward » messaging with loss of your anonymity (for  those whom you trust), or by following the instructions given at this page keep on being  anonymous by using / anonemail.html  and that to create a snowball effect.  »

Tip: for the best possible working, get opened 3 windows simultanously. One active and  the others reduced.

ONE for a google search of the population of Aulnay’s email adresses

ANOTHER for your word processor to write the subject of the message and the message itself.

A FINAL ONE for the anonymous messaging service:

– We select / copy an email address from the Google search page (eg

– go to the messaging service  and paste  this email address at the beginning of the message AND in the « Recipient » (To:)

– Copy / paste the message in the « Message: » (after the e-mail address located at the beginning to avoid the bug messaging).

– And click « Send Anonymously ».

There are no more than start over with another email.

In just half an hour you can send 20 messages. It suffices to five users to send a hundred messages …

Be one of the five.


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