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Plan to create a standard SITA action.

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The following text can be printed in 2 pages (file browser-> Print Preview with the scale 100%-> print).

REMEMBER: a SITA action is a text published on the Internet in reaction to an islamophile article which is also available on the Internet. This action SITA invites the readers to print out the islamophile article with added, critical replies in the form of leaflets ready to be printed, and mailed in a stamped, addressed envelope, a method successfully adopted by Amnesty International. ( According to the subject of the ‘action’, the recipients will be elected local officials (to be enlightened on the subject of Islam); randomly chosen inhabitants of a city (e.g. to inform them of the proposed building of mosques in their city); victims of Islamisation (to offer them support), servants of Islam (collaborationists: politicians, judges, artists, associations… to warn them), resisters against Islam (to encourage them to persevere and to establish links) etc .

Plan to create a standard SITA action and publish it on your website

Write the word ACTION in the middle of the article to structure the article in 2 parts.

Above the word ACTION insert the part that must be printed out and put into the envelope (on most occasions it’s an islamophile article with possibly critical replies, otherwise your may write your own text) so that anyone who receives the mail SITA know what we want to talk to him about.

below the word ACTION explain how the action is to be carried out by writing the following, titles in italics included:

Applying the good old SITA method inspired by Amnesty International: a letter in a stamped envelope, sent by snail mail (

What to put into the envelope?

Print the 2 pages PDF-document http://xyz.pdf that is the part of this article above the word ACTION after converting it into a PDF-document.

(note not to write in the SITA action: the creator of the action will have to convert the part of this article above the word ACTION from HTML to PDF by using this convertissor and choosing the second option convert raw html. Left click continue to past/select the part to print, then right click on the part selectionned, a window opens, tick source code then the source code appears and you have just to copy/paste it into the window opened after choosingconvert raw html. Now, last thing to do, click convert then download PDFto getthe PDF-document and its URL:http://xyz.pdf)

That’s enough for the reader to know the topic of this text.

2) Last step: add to the previous printed page some leaflets about islam.

A 0.70€ regular stamp for a 20 g-postage in the Euro-Zone allows  2 sheets, 4 pages, printed back and front, in the envelope. To the page(s) already printed you can fill up the remaining space with one or more of the following PDF leaflets: . To print a PDF leaflet click the printer upleft corner.
Who are the recipients of the letters?

(note not to write in the SITA action-> The creator of the action will specify there the recipients of the letters by giving the URL of the pages where their  postal adresses are indicated and he must avoid to publish these adresses directly. If the adresses are more than one, number them 1)…2)…. It will be easier to read

WATCH: no insult and no threat in a SITA mail.

Your SITA mail is ready, you have just to stamp and post it. If you like you may also learn more about SITA

Information about SITA: To know more about the SITA concept and  SITA actions read the SITA kit at this page:


To extend and complement this action by SITA mail you can also take action by email whose technique is described on this page:
(note not to write in the SITA action–> write our following  SITA slogan to end the article)
You have an envelope, a stamp, then you have the   POWER... … … … … … … … …It’s to say your opinion to any public entity.
(note not to write in the SITA action->After creating some SITA actions you will just  need this memo: the « squeleton » of a SITA action at this page: Your SITA action is ready to be  published. Print this text to have it at  hand when you create a SITA action. To spare time: all that is under the word ACTION is almost the same in every SITA action so you have just to copy/ paste it in your editor and adapt it)


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